Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Top Wedding Dress Trends For 2017


Wedding is special for everyone and shopping for wedding specially shopping for the wedding dress is not an easy task. So, if you are going to marry this year, so we would suggest you to try something trendy. Here we are giving you some Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2017.

1. Sheer


Sheer bridal gown is perfect for the beach wedding. You can customize it also as per your choice. The sheer bridal gown is comfortable and the laces in it will surely catch the attention of the guests.

2. Simple wedding dress

Simple wedding dress

Now a days the simple wedding dress are back in fashion. Yes, the simple gown with the some laces in it is going to be trendy in the year 2017. Hence, this is perfect for you if you are looking for elegant and simple gown.

3. Separates


You can also try separate wedding dress as this dress is becoming very popular day by day. By trying this, you will get a feeling of trying something new and elegant also.

4. Tea-length


Tea-length wedding dress is for those who love vintage style. Yes this dress is basically a skirt type dress which will surely gives you an exquisite and elegant look.

5. Ruffles


If you love pretty and gorgeous wedding dresses then Ruffles wedding dress if an ideal dress for you. It gives you a perfect bride look and also displays a romantic side of you.

6. Jewelled wedding dress

For those who want to be look sparkling on their wedding day, Jewelled wedding dress is for them. This dress will surely turn heads of all for all the true reasons.

7. The low V wedding dress

This amazing dress is very trendy in the year 2017. This V cut wedding dress is very gorgeous and gives you an amazing look. Moreover, you can get customized it by your designer and decide the length of V neck.

8. Coloured wedding dresses

Apart from the white colour wedding dress you can try it in any other colour also. Sometimes, white colour can be very harsh on one’s skin tone so it is better to choose some other colour. You can try light pink or creamish colour wedding dress.

9. Netted sleeve wedding dress 

Try this year to go for a netted sleeve wedding dress. Normal wedding dresses are without sleeves so you should try the wedding dress with full length netted sleeves.

10. Floral

A floral bridal gown is a necessity for brides who have a plan of country celebration. You can choose the colour of flowers as per your choice and it looks amazing when you wear it on your wedding day.

11. High necked bridal gowns

If you are going to have a very royal or grand wedding then a high necked wedding gown is absolutely worth considering. In addition to this, this type of wedding dress is perfect for those brides who are looking for the demure style.

12. High low wedding dress

High low wedding dress is mainly a wedding gown which is higher at the front and from back it is low. This dress is very trendy in the year 2017 and looks gorgeous on brides. 

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