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Visit Brazil; Best Country for Football Lovers by Fabrício Reis

 brazil football

In Brazil, Pelé is the famous footballer who has won the most titles and is considered a personality of world football, here he is called "king" of the football and become a legend of the sport, very popular in the world. There are people who affirm that the Pelé was elaborated and planned by the Brazilian army forces, when young was soldier military, then rearranged to integrate the elite of the sport in the country. He is also known for his support of policies to improve the social conditions of the poor, including dedicating his thousandth goal to poor Brazilian children.

Thus he received the title of Athlete of the Century of all the sports on May 15, 1981, elected by the French newspaper L'Equipe. At the end of 1999, the International Olympic Committee, after an international vote among all the associated National Olympic Committees, elected Pelé the "Athlete of the Century" and in 2016, at the hands of then-President Thomas Bach, decorated him with the Olympic Order, highest honor offered by the IOC. The International Football Association also voted for it in 2000 in a vote by renowned former athletes and former coaches as The Football Player of the 20th Century.

After retiring from the sport, he was also a singer, actor (telenovelas and movies), even in electronic games he has special appearances. However, his great contribution was so that the sport was not only the clamor of gymnasiums and exaggerated profits of money but also that had a social impact, moralization, professionalization and the use of eradication of the poor by the sport.

Brazil was the winner in World Cup Titles numbers of soccer sport, this one was champion in the editions of 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. Every four years happen an edition every four years. It is also the most popular sport in most countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa. In addition to Russia, Japan and more recently in China and the United States are fast-growing sports markets. Currently it is difficult have a new complete footballer like Pelé.

the excess of competitions, increase in the number of money won in a single season, the expansion of the market, increasing profits require much of the sportsman to the physical and psychological limit so much that on average the current footballer Cristiano ronaldo, Neymar junior and Leonel Messi, never won a world title, meaning that everything is indicating if they have to win a world title will be unique in their careers, so football players are suffering from injuries, fractures and excessive gambling. in addition, every day a new youth will emerge to shine in the sport that has become a stepping stone to international fame.

All in opposition to the primordia of the Olympic games that were born in ancient Greece, of the old age, where the athletes were deployed of force military exercises, so the Olympic games were in fact a peacetime fraternization of the main military exercises of the old world. So the skills of swimming, combat, fights, arena, duels, running, etc ... were balanced with the number of soldiers who competed among themselves in search of an Olympus, so they would become honored and decorated soldiers who paraded in search of honor and glory.

brazil football

Brazil compared to the 500 years of the nation's foundation, five centuries of country history with millennia Europe, Asia and Africa, we Brazilians have done homework, because we have put our country as a sports potential, drawing attention, generated direct and indirect jobs, is undoubtedly one of the best ways to boost tourism, gastronomy, entertainment, hospitality, culture and economy. The practice of sports is part of the habit of life of the Brazilian, so much so that in sports in teams we have detaque besides soccer, fut salt, beach soccer, paraolimpico soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis. When you come to Brazil remember to go to the largest football field in the world that is located in the city of rio de janeiro, jr, maracanã stadium, besides going to the peripheries, rivers and slums of the great Brazilian cities where the state sometimes it is absent and the simpler people see in sport the only way to have a decent and honest life in projects of citizenship and human promotion by nongovernmental organizations and even by clubs and carnival associations as well as political patios and entrepreneurs with campaigns that generate social impact and personal transformations and the link of physical and mental well-being in these southern underworld of South America and in the pockets of African misery mazelados and forgotten for centuries now emerge as poles of diffusion of the sport.

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