Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Top Ideas to attract her attention?

attract her attention

There is a question that many boys think of, how to make a girl like you? Girls are different in various terms from boys such as emotional, caring and lot more things. It is not very easy to make a girl like and love you. You should make her feel special as well as wait with patience to let the girl recognize about you. It is always good to do something unique to make a girl like you. Moreover, here we are some top ideas to attract her attention and win a heart of a girl.

1. Compliment her

If you are going for first date with a girl then you should always compliment her that she is very beautiful. But remember that while complimenting her, your focus should be more on her personality not her looks. Furthermore, a girl always wanted to hear some good compliments from the boys.

2. Always Look Good

If you are going for a date or meeting a girl for first time then you should focus in the things that how you are looking. It is obviously that a girl will not like a boy who does not look good. There is a lot of chances that a girl might not be impressed with you if you looking bad. Also, many girls like those boys who have a good body and muscles. First impression is the last impression, so you should get in yourself well shape.

3. Don’t let a girl cry

If you are a guy who want a girl to like you in a romantic manner then you should do not let her cry. If a girl cries in front of you then make her stop crying and comfort her. By this way she will start to believe that you care for her and she will also feel comfortable with you. You should pay close attention to her problems due to which she cries. Additionally, make efforts to solve that problem and make efforts to bring smile on her face back.

4. Be a good listener

A girl will never like a boy who does not listen to her carefully or seriously. If you will not at all listen to her cautiously then she will fell that you are not paying attention to her and her problems; thus it might give your bad impression to her.

5. Be gentleman and protective

You should always protect her if you are going someplace for outing. If in the night time she is going home alone then go with her and tell that you just want to look after her. Be a gentleman and also respect other girls in front of her.

6. Give surprises
Everyone people like surprises, but especially girls love surprises. So this is one of the best way to attract a girl. In addition to this, you should give her gifts and buy that gift which she likes most.

7. Speak in a confident way

You should always speak confidently with girls. If you want her to like you then speak in clear and strong voice, never talk in a muffled way.

Apart from this, never break her trust because she may hurt if you will flirt with another girl. You should always be yourself and treat her like you treat your own family members. Girls mostly attract to those boys more who do not lie and tell them she is the most beautiful girl of this world.

Always Look Good

Monday, 30 January 2017

All about Rooftop Garden Designs

In urban areas there are many people who live in the apartments. For those their balcony or roof terrace is the only space outside. So, for them the Rooftop Gardens are perfect for expanding the space. Garden in terrace allows you to sit and enjoy the virtues of gardening. Moreover, a roof garden also enhances the exterior look of your house or apartment.

# Types of roof garden design

The various types of roof garden designs are as following:

- Lighted Ornamental Plants Rooftop Garden

Lighting is very significant in designing of a charming roof garden. You can use Spot lights for ornamental plants to enhance as well as confining the delightful view of your roof garden. 

- Pool Roof Garden

During the afternoon in summer a pool roof garden can give you a chill feeling. This type of pool can be made by using detailed pool requirements and with the provision of drainage system.

- Cedar Patio Rooftop Garden

If you love enjoying the enthralling springs and cool summers then making a cedar patio rooftop garden is an awesome idea. You can hire roof garden design experts for making this type of garden. In addition to this, Cedar Patio Rooftop Garden is much trendy among people these days.

- Vegetable Rooftop Garden

It is an awesome idea to make a vegetable roof garden. Here you can plant seasonal vegetables as well as fruits. This garden will give you a joy of growing your own veggies.

- Game on a Rooftop Garden

It is very innovative and entertaining to make a fun spot at your roof. Children as well as adults can enjoy playing different games in this garden. You can also make this garden based on one particular game such as Chess.

# Tips for roof garden design

- For designing a garden in roof or terrace, you should get an architect involve as an architect will tell you if the house is safe or not for building a roof garden.

- You should decide in advance that what type of furniture you want to place in your roof garden. It should be in matching with the theme of the garden.

- Always use light weight things such as plastic or fiberglass. Additionally, lightweight potting soil and Styrofoam peanuts should be used for drainage.

- A focal point should be there to draw your as well as the attention of the guests. It can be a water feature, tall tree, statue etc.

- Proper lighting is very significant in roof garden particularly near the doors and stairwell.

- Long trees, shrubs and small trees should be there, if you want to get feel like that you are in sitting in real garden.

- Good flooring is a very vital element in roof garden and it should be matched with the theme of the garden. 

# Plants for roof gardening

For roof gardening, you can use some unique plants which give an astonishing look to your roof garden. The plants are as following:

Blue Star' Juniper, Harry Lauder's Walking Stick, Dwarf Hinoki Cypress, Big Daddy' Hosta, Ajuga, Daylily, Lavender, Japanese Wisteria, Climbing Hydrangea, ‘Gold Flame’ Honeysuckle, Blue Fescue, Maiden grass, Lamb's-Ears and many more.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Useful Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress

Choosing out a wedding dress is a very tough task, as on this day every girl wants to look best. Shopping for wedding dress can be very stirring and to search for the best wedding dress to suit your shape can be overwhelming and exhausting also. In recent years wedding video tradition has taken a huge leap from boring to lively and exciting, so brides should select their wedding dress cautiously because it is essential events that happen once in a life of a girl.

When it comes to select a dress for your wedding, the market is flooded with an assortment of options that is from vintage styled wedding dresses to designer wedding gowns. But you should keep in mind one thing that it is not at all too early to shop for a dress. If you are planning to do shopping for your Wedding dress, then you might come across several terms that you have not heard before. Some of the most usually used wedding dress terms are as follow:
  • Haute couture or couture:

Haute couture is the designer dress which is designed by some luxury fashion designer. Couture mainly refers to custom made dress and is designed just for the intended wearer.
  • Ready to wear dresses:

Ready to wear dress is the dress that is already made and obtainable to buy. Some girls require to make slight alterations to a dress they purchase off the rack like shortening the hem but generally, the size and design of a ready to wear dress is already finished.
  • Pre loved:

Pre loved dress is a dress which had been owned by someone else. Many girls want to wear pre loved dresses due to sentimental reasons such as wearing a dress which once belong to loved one, mother or relative.
  • Demi couture:

Demi couture is a dress which is made using same techniques and fabric of couture dress but is designed with the use of mass-production.
  • Made to measure:

Made to measure dress is the dress which is designed from scratch and developed to fit the shape of the body of planned wearer.

Here we are giving you some tips that you should consider before shopping for your wedding dress. These are as following:

- You should always select a dress that imitates your taste and style.

- Always purchase a dress in which you feel relaxed and presents your figure in a nice manner.

- Setting up a budget is very significant prior to shopping for a wedding dress.

- Ask for the opinion of those who are closest to you like your friends and relatives.

- It might be that you want your dress to be white in colour or you may be confused with blush hue. So it is sensible for you to choose a colour of your wedding dress prior to going for the shopping.

- Accessories like headpiece and jewellery design should also be taken into thought while selecting the wedding dress.

- You can also browse online for the wedding dresses but make certain to read their return policy and their terms and conditions.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

How to lose weight fast?

Many girls and boys nowadays are facing the problem of overweight. If you are one of them and ever tried to lose weight then you may know that how difficult it is lose weight effectively. Preferably the best weight loss ways comprise a combination of a suitable amount of sleep, healthy diet plus exercise, reduced anxiety and stress. Weight loss, particularly a fit one, takes more time than we can think. So, here we are giving you some ways to lose weight effectively.

1. Get sufficient sleep:

Having sufficient sleep will normalize your metabolism which is one the main ingredients of healthy weight loss. Also, if you will take proper rest then it will decrease your levels of stress and prevent you from eating more and more.

2. Drink plenty of water:

When you do not drink sufficient water, then the body will hold on to the water you have in your body. But when you drink plenty of water then your body will free itself of the surplus in an attempt to attain homeostasis. Hence, you will surely weight lose fast in an effective manner.

3. Never skip your breakfast:

In morning healthy breakfast provides you with the boost of energy and also it help to keep your appetite at bay later during the day, so that you will eat less. In breakfast you should eat the sprouted nuts, fresh fruits and a glass of milk.

4. Drink Green Tea:

Drinking Green Tea is one of the best methods to lose weight fast as it helps in boosting your metabolism. Having green tea three times in a day can help you in burning an added 60 calories a day. So start drinking green tea now if you seriously want to lose weight!

5. Avoid sugary foods and drinks:

You should strictly keep you away from the sugary drinks, food and drinking soda; as these are packed with the lot of calories and sugar. You should know that a can of coke have 39 grams of sugar. Hence, if you want to lose weight then you should skip the sugary foods and drinks otherwise it will difficult for you to lose weight.

6. Do exercise and Yoga:

You should make certain to do 20 minutes of exercise every day. In order to make sure your diet is efficient and well-rounded, you should include at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. Furthermore, you should also do various Yoga asanas for losing weight as well as to make yourself healthy.

7. Eat more bananas:

You should eat more bananas for losing weight as they are full of potassium. Potassium revs up the metabolism of body and regulates the water balance of body. Thus, start eating more and more bananas if you want to lose fast.

8. Go for Cinnamon powder:

If you love spicy food then you must be aware about the Cinnamon stick. This stick is very effective in losing weight. You can use the powder of Cinnamon to lose weight, mix a one tablespoon of powder into the one glass of lukewarm water and drink it. You should drink it regularly before breakfast every morning. Therefore, you will surely find the positive results in very few days. 

8 Interesting Facts About Beer


Beer is possibly the most eminent beverage in the world. It is enjoyed by the people all over the world and most public of legal drinking age are recognizable with it. Here we are giving you 8 facts that you should know about Beer which will be sufficient for quenching your thirst.

1. The first beer was made by the women and the oldest recipe of the beer might be founded in a Sumerian tablet. Many years ago, in ancient times the beer was used to be brewed by the women at the homes. In the process of brewing beer the women of only noblest families were permitted to participate. Basically, Brewster is a term which denotes women who brewed beer.

2. Beer is the 3rd most famous beverage after water and tea and comes with fewer calories than milk. Beer when drink in a controlled quantity will not give you a plump paunch. In a recent information by the British Beer and Pub Association, a pint of beer approaches with lesser calories as compared to fruit juice, milk, or wine. Hence, it is not necessary to go for a glass of milk before going to bed, as you can also have a glass of chilled beer!

3. There are approximately 400 types of beer in the world. Ale is the oldest type and Lagers are the most usually consumed beers all over the globe.

4. In the year 1850 the first bottle of bear was sold. Previous to that beer was sold at particular places known as taverns where natives would come with their buckets and load them up for the evening.

5. Beer can be used as a substitute for water in different recipes. It can also be used even in preparing sea foods, sauces, meat and breads.

6. The best beer in the world is Westvleteren XII, a 10.2 % alcohol by volume and has been in production from the year 1940. Usually, it is a dark beer with a superior, chocolate-like taste and is directly familiar by its different yellow cap and total lack of any labels.

Westvleteren XII beer

7. In ancient Egypt, the content of Nile’s bacteria content was so high that the locals frequently drank beer in place of water. For them, it was basically a nutritious soup with alcohol in it. This came in useful through the huge construction projects of the Egyptians. When the pyramids of Giza were constructed the labors were somewhat paid with beer. They considered it as a source of refreshment as well as a reward for their hard work and would maybe have revolted if they would run out. In fact, the labor force was so obstinate about getting their beer fix that the pyramids may not have been constructed at all if beer was not there.

8. Furthermore, apart from drinking beer can be used for various domestic jobs such as to remove stains and to break up rust also. The carbonation present in the beer makes it perfect for contravention of rust and also for removing a stain from a carpet. 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

7 easy ways for a girl to save money

save money

We all know demonetization has effects us lot and if you are a girl then now you should focus more on saving money. Some of you may done a resolution that you will money this year but unable to complete it because of lack of ideas and ways. So here we are giving you some easy ways by which you can save money and it will don’t affect your lifestyle at all.

1. If you love to travel then you can opt for your own vehicle or public transport. But if you have to go to a nearby place then you preferred walking other than going by your own vehicle or by public transport. This will help in saving some money as well as this habit will help you also in losing some weight.

2. When we were a kid we used to save on our piggy bank. If you want to save money but unable to do it so then saving on piggy bank is the best option. Put some amount of money in it every day and after some months you will found that it is full of money!

3. Every girl shopping, but if you want to save money then shop only during the sales. I know that it is bit difficult to not to shop whenever you desire, but believe me if you will shop during the sale offer it will your money. You can also wait for the online shopping websites to give discounts so that you can buy them by getting huge discounts.

4. We want to look good and go to parlour for curling or straightening the hairs. But I will suggest you to buy a curler or straightener to save the money that you spent on the parlour. It is one of the best method by which you will surely save your money.

5. Another method to save money is to opt for the internet calling while talking to your bestie. Instead of calling minutes you should choose the internet calling methods such as Whatsapp, Viber, Imo and many more. If you will calculate your phone bills of some last years then you will found that how much money you spent on it. So, it is better to choose other alternatives in place of using the balance from phone.

6. If you are a girl that loves to watch movies then to save money watch them on the weekdays rather than on the weekends. The price of movie ticket on weekends is much higher as compare to the weekdays. So go for a movie on weekdays or on those days when the discount is offered.

7. Last but not the least, the most effective way for saving money is to do exercise and workout at home or on nearby park. In Gyms you give very high fee so if you will choose to workout in home then surely it will save money up to a higher extent. So, you can also go through various videos on You Tube and try various exercises as well as Yoga positions to make yourself fit.