Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Fun Party Games for teenagers


Teenagers loved party and doing fun. Games help the teenagers to act together with one another beyond their college and school life. Whether it is a birthday party or party for any other reason we are giving a list of some fun party games for teenagers.

1. Anytime Snowballs

This is a teen party game which is very exciting. You should start at the toe of a duo of pantyhose, fill with a half a cup of flour, tie a knot over the flour and cut. Tie a loop in the movable end and fill one more time, carry on making snowballs all the way up the leg. Every leg will make 5 to 6 snowballs. So, create at least 2 snowballs for every player and have a snowball fight. Moreover, every snowball can be used numerous times before previous to it pops and is a great fame for dividing into the 2 teams.

2. Watermelon Pool Race  

If you need a fun pool teenager party game then Watermelon Pool Race is the best game. To start playing this game, cover the 2 watermelons with the petroleum jelly and then divide the 2 teams. Now place the watermelons into the water and have a race of 2 teams all across the pool along with their watermelons.

3. Spin-A-Dare

I am sure you all must the game spin a bottle, which is teen party game which gets a slight lame after the 3rd party it is played at. But in Spin-A-Dare fill a bowl with the lots of dares as well as funny things which are written on the small pieces of paper. After that, you have to just spin the bottle in a circle and to whomever the bottle points have to collect a dare and entertain you.

4. Footsy Pop

To play this game everybody ties a balloon on their foot and runs all around to pop the balloons of each other without getting their own balloon popped. This is really a simple as well as funny game which will make your party more exciting and full of laughter.

5. Blanket Ball

To play this game you should take a big sheet and everyone holds it on to the edges. Then see that how many times you can endlessly toss the ball up in the air and grasp it without the ball falling off. After that start counting and once the ball off then again start the counting over from one. Hence, you should carry on improving on the record your team holds and contend against another team.

6. The Caller

The Caller is basically an outdoor or indoor night teen party game. You should play this game in the dark only by turning off all the lights of the house. One player should hand a cell phone and this person should be hide from the other players. Now, the other players must now try to find him. The player with the phone may give the hints to the other players by calling on the house phone. But the hints should not be longer than 5 words. So, play this game in the dark and have in your party. 

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