Saturday, 28 January 2017

8 Interesting Facts About Beer


Beer is possibly the most eminent beverage in the world. It is enjoyed by the people all over the world and most public of legal drinking age are recognizable with it. Here we are giving you 8 facts that you should know about Beer which will be sufficient for quenching your thirst.

1. The first beer was made by the women and the oldest recipe of the beer might be founded in a Sumerian tablet. Many years ago, in ancient times the beer was used to be brewed by the women at the homes. In the process of brewing beer the women of only noblest families were permitted to participate. Basically, Brewster is a term which denotes women who brewed beer.

2. Beer is the 3rd most famous beverage after water and tea and comes with fewer calories than milk. Beer when drink in a controlled quantity will not give you a plump paunch. In a recent information by the British Beer and Pub Association, a pint of beer approaches with lesser calories as compared to fruit juice, milk, or wine. Hence, it is not necessary to go for a glass of milk before going to bed, as you can also have a glass of chilled beer!

3. There are approximately 400 types of beer in the world. Ale is the oldest type and Lagers are the most usually consumed beers all over the globe.

4. In the year 1850 the first bottle of bear was sold. Previous to that beer was sold at particular places known as taverns where natives would come with their buckets and load them up for the evening.

5. Beer can be used as a substitute for water in different recipes. It can also be used even in preparing sea foods, sauces, meat and breads.

6. The best beer in the world is Westvleteren XII, a 10.2 % alcohol by volume and has been in production from the year 1940. Usually, it is a dark beer with a superior, chocolate-like taste and is directly familiar by its different yellow cap and total lack of any labels.

Westvleteren XII beer

7. In ancient Egypt, the content of Nile’s bacteria content was so high that the locals frequently drank beer in place of water. For them, it was basically a nutritious soup with alcohol in it. This came in useful through the huge construction projects of the Egyptians. When the pyramids of Giza were constructed the labors were somewhat paid with beer. They considered it as a source of refreshment as well as a reward for their hard work and would maybe have revolted if they would run out. In fact, the labor force was so obstinate about getting their beer fix that the pyramids may not have been constructed at all if beer was not there.

8. Furthermore, apart from drinking beer can be used for various domestic jobs such as to remove stains and to break up rust also. The carbonation present in the beer makes it perfect for contravention of rust and also for removing a stain from a carpet. 

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