Thursday, 26 January 2017

7 easy ways for a girl to save money

save money

We all know demonetization has effects us lot and if you are a girl then now you should focus more on saving money. Some of you may done a resolution that you will money this year but unable to complete it because of lack of ideas and ways. So here we are giving you some easy ways by which you can save money and it will don’t affect your lifestyle at all.

1. If you love to travel then you can opt for your own vehicle or public transport. But if you have to go to a nearby place then you preferred walking other than going by your own vehicle or by public transport. This will help in saving some money as well as this habit will help you also in losing some weight.

2. When we were a kid we used to save on our piggy bank. If you want to save money but unable to do it so then saving on piggy bank is the best option. Put some amount of money in it every day and after some months you will found that it is full of money!

3. Every girl shopping, but if you want to save money then shop only during the sales. I know that it is bit difficult to not to shop whenever you desire, but believe me if you will shop during the sale offer it will your money. You can also wait for the online shopping websites to give discounts so that you can buy them by getting huge discounts.

4. We want to look good and go to parlour for curling or straightening the hairs. But I will suggest you to buy a curler or straightener to save the money that you spent on the parlour. It is one of the best method by which you will surely save your money.

5. Another method to save money is to opt for the internet calling while talking to your bestie. Instead of calling minutes you should choose the internet calling methods such as Whatsapp, Viber, Imo and many more. If you will calculate your phone bills of some last years then you will found that how much money you spent on it. So, it is better to choose other alternatives in place of using the balance from phone.

6. If you are a girl that loves to watch movies then to save money watch them on the weekdays rather than on the weekends. The price of movie ticket on weekends is much higher as compare to the weekdays. So go for a movie on weekdays or on those days when the discount is offered.

7. Last but not the least, the most effective way for saving money is to do exercise and workout at home or on nearby park. In Gyms you give very high fee so if you will choose to workout in home then surely it will save money up to a higher extent. So, you can also go through various videos on You Tube and try various exercises as well as Yoga positions to make yourself fit.

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