Friday, 13 July 2018

An overview about Animal Assisted Therapy (TAA) by Fabrício Reis Amador

Animal Assisted Therapy (TAA)

Have you ever heard of animal assisted therapy (TAA)? Yes, it is the use of animals as alternative medicine rational use controlled by a multidisciplinary team with health professionals, not necessarily in hospitals, for example can be made as equine therapy using horses horses here in the city are held in a center equestrian military police, here has impact on the recovery of the health of people with special needs and psychiatric illnesses and depressions in addition to stress.

Animal Assisted Therapy (TAA)

Also in another city of this locality of the Amazon is realized with patients similar to the previous case more substituted the horses by a other species similar the dolphins on the rivers of the Amazon, also in other city the federal university rural of the Amazon in the Belém of Pará town the big city of Amazon land there is the use of dogs and cats in small sections where the pets of the patients themselves have access to inmates hospitalized at the university hospital animals before being taken to the terminal or internal patient besides the pet goes a vet to certify that the pet is in good condition of inclusion to the hospital sectors and avoid that the pet will be transmit minimizing contagious infectious diseases, esteem that the culture of encounter promotes considerable stimuli not only sensitively increases immune responses, since the contact between man and domestic animals is already intrinsic to species promoting a mutualism between both species s involved in millennia in the history of man goes through the domestication of the animals, some immune responses of modern diseases are linked breaking of the immune ties are more efficient when the environment activates a responses among the genotype Gens, thus the challenges of a micro environment healthy sustainable balance has a direct impact on the recovery of the health of the individual and the collective, so the opposite is also a reality because the deforestation of forests, desertification, melting of the polar caps, are also a source of microorganisms harmful to global health, scientist an influenza supervirus that has been gaining strength with the environmental de-alkylation parallel to this other diseases already overcome are coming back and coming back again in the history of humanity after suceptiveis hosts unbalance - Environment - uncontrolled excess of the urban centers. Together another alternative medicine as cultive smile nd happy. Good friends. Good nutrition.

Animal Assisted Therapy (TAA)

Exercise as Yoga, acompulture, Do-in, all that therapy has been very used here on my country use as associated others health sistemas control Brasílian service of health government Nacional. There are many tourists country rich use to come to Brazil every temporary theirs would like cheaper service than theirs country because my land has be from here few hours US and Europe. They use to think the Latin American is little place theirs. There are aware friendship between our summer became big beach theirs. 

Blog post by: Fabrício Reis Amador

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