Tuesday 31 January 2017

Top Ideas to attract her attention?

attract her attention

There is a question that many boys think of, how to make a girl like you? Girls are different in various terms from boys such as emotional, caring and lot more things. It is not very easy to make a girl like and love you. You should make her feel special as well as wait with patience to let the girl recognize about you. It is always good to do something unique to make a girl like you. Moreover, here we are some top ideas to attract her attention and win a heart of a girl.

1. Compliment her

If you are going for first date with a girl then you should always compliment her that she is very beautiful. But remember that while complimenting her, your focus should be more on her personality not her looks. Furthermore, a girl always wanted to hear some good compliments from the boys.

2. Always Look Good

If you are going for a date or meeting a girl for first time then you should focus in the things that how you are looking. It is obviously that a girl will not like a boy who does not look good. There is a lot of chances that a girl might not be impressed with you if you looking bad. Also, many girls like those boys who have a good body and muscles. First impression is the last impression, so you should get in yourself well shape.

3. Don’t let a girl cry

If you are a guy who want a girl to like you in a romantic manner then you should do not let her cry. If a girl cries in front of you then make her stop crying and comfort her. By this way she will start to believe that you care for her and she will also feel comfortable with you. You should pay close attention to her problems due to which she cries. Additionally, make efforts to solve that problem and make efforts to bring smile on her face back.

4. Be a good listener

A girl will never like a boy who does not listen to her carefully or seriously. If you will not at all listen to her cautiously then she will fell that you are not paying attention to her and her problems; thus it might give your bad impression to her.

5. Be gentleman and protective

You should always protect her if you are going someplace for outing. If in the night time she is going home alone then go with her and tell that you just want to look after her. Be a gentleman and also respect other girls in front of her.

6. Give surprises
Everyone people like surprises, but especially girls love surprises. So this is one of the best way to attract a girl. In addition to this, you should give her gifts and buy that gift which she likes most.

7. Speak in a confident way

You should always speak confidently with girls. If you want her to like you then speak in clear and strong voice, never talk in a muffled way.

Apart from this, never break her trust because she may hurt if you will flirt with another girl. You should always be yourself and treat her like you treat your own family members. Girls mostly attract to those boys more who do not lie and tell them she is the most beautiful girl of this world.

Always Look Good

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