Monday 30 January 2017

All about Rooftop Garden Designs

In urban areas there are many people who live in the apartments. For those their balcony or roof terrace is the only space outside. So, for them the Rooftop Gardens are perfect for expanding the space. Garden in terrace allows you to sit and enjoy the virtues of gardening. Moreover, a roof garden also enhances the exterior look of your house or apartment.

# Types of roof garden design

The various types of roof garden designs are as following:

- Lighted Ornamental Plants Rooftop Garden

Lighting is very significant in designing of a charming roof garden. You can use Spot lights for ornamental plants to enhance as well as confining the delightful view of your roof garden. 

- Pool Roof Garden

During the afternoon in summer a pool roof garden can give you a chill feeling. This type of pool can be made by using detailed pool requirements and with the provision of drainage system.

- Cedar Patio Rooftop Garden

If you love enjoying the enthralling springs and cool summers then making a cedar patio rooftop garden is an awesome idea. You can hire roof garden design experts for making this type of garden. In addition to this, Cedar Patio Rooftop Garden is much trendy among people these days.

- Vegetable Rooftop Garden

It is an awesome idea to make a vegetable roof garden. Here you can plant seasonal vegetables as well as fruits. This garden will give you a joy of growing your own veggies.

- Game on a Rooftop Garden

It is very innovative and entertaining to make a fun spot at your roof. Children as well as adults can enjoy playing different games in this garden. You can also make this garden based on one particular game such as Chess.

# Tips for roof garden design

- For designing a garden in roof or terrace, you should get an architect involve as an architect will tell you if the house is safe or not for building a roof garden.

- You should decide in advance that what type of furniture you want to place in your roof garden. It should be in matching with the theme of the garden.

- Always use light weight things such as plastic or fiberglass. Additionally, lightweight potting soil and Styrofoam peanuts should be used for drainage.

- A focal point should be there to draw your as well as the attention of the guests. It can be a water feature, tall tree, statue etc.

- Proper lighting is very significant in roof garden particularly near the doors and stairwell.

- Long trees, shrubs and small trees should be there, if you want to get feel like that you are in sitting in real garden.

- Good flooring is a very vital element in roof garden and it should be matched with the theme of the garden. 

# Plants for roof gardening

For roof gardening, you can use some unique plants which give an astonishing look to your roof garden. The plants are as following:

Blue Star' Juniper, Harry Lauder's Walking Stick, Dwarf Hinoki Cypress, Big Daddy' Hosta, Ajuga, Daylily, Lavender, Japanese Wisteria, Climbing Hydrangea, ‘Gold Flame’ Honeysuckle, Blue Fescue, Maiden grass, Lamb's-Ears and many more.

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