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An article about concern on cleaning of cities- By: Fabrício Reis Amador

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The arrival of summer many tourists seek leisure in hostiles, campsites, beaches, entertainment to watch the sunset, drinks, musical shows, dances and outdoor theaters is the season of adventure sports typical of the summer, forest like trekking, running, camping, surfing, airplane, caves, diving to the sea - cave diving, etc ...

But those glass of disposable drinks thrown in the camping, after a dinner in the sand of the beach a lot of people forget to clean the waste, in the developing countries beautiful beaches and full of tourist activities, even there are beaches with hammocks with sanitary already installed but little is discussed about solid waste policies, improving sanitary networks increasingly with more free access to any citizen and tourists. a great example of this was with the arrival of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, all attempts to improve the quality of water in the lagoons near Rodrigues de Freitas where the competitions of regattas and candles would have happened were unsuccessful, so the organizer of the Olympic Games descended to the promise made to the international Olympic Committee, and to this day in 2018 the situation is still getting worse.

Ecology was not restricted to the harmonious well-being of the trophic and ecological levels, or even concepts of the environmental sciences such as sustainability, eco-productivity, organic natural bio, etc ... that is also the case, however, man is always the center of the problem of the mesh modernity, dogs, poor quality of life, notions of air quality, as well as harmful to collective health, also promotes increased living costs, this ends up compromising workers' earnings, paradoxical to this, not even a modern society is free from the stress of capitalist excess, from the exaggerated profit of businessmen to the detriment of the quality of life of citizens who have year after year a bio-psycho-social impoverishment.

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The result of this is increased violence, with this there is an increase in public security spending, so far we have already listed impact on the economy of a city, region or country.

Thus, we can consider ecology as an area of study linked to biological sciences that transcends other sciences an important link in tourism, economics, human relations and other areas of knowledge. There is in the political scenario ideas to adjust this real discourse of our times, an example of this, in a small town in the center of italy, a policy formed by the Italian Diplomatic Academy, a resident of the Forino Italia region, in the recent election campaign said: "All men and especially children ... have the right to live free ... in peace ... away from abuse and wars ... they must live in their world of games and carefree ... a world that has nothing to what to do with dishonesty, indifference and hatred ... They have the right to care ... to love and to have a peaceful life. " (Rita Gaeta).

The success of the campaign came when allied to what is being studied within the university as global goals of the millennium goals, by the UN, contextualized with the tourism sector, leisure and quality of life mainly of the migrants who are invading europe, as it is known of all because even Pope Francisco has been on the subject several times, the defense of public policies for youth and immigrants. Italy is a country that we can cite as an example because there are many active islands in the Italian peninsula, besides its territory is subject to earthquakes, the Mediterranean climate contrasts with northern winds, cold fronts that make an impa climate, however, it is always the heart of the Italian people to rebuild, start over, and aim for better days.

I would like to see a great Italy growing up as the assistive countries, but only the fact that the Italians are facing so many environmental problems that limit their territory and social as the immigrant, and yet they find forces like this kind fellow to give lesson of solidarity, now in social works of the church, or charity, in a public place of welcome, of receptive to the migrant, adding strength in politics to the young people, although we can no longer live with so much spending, there is a limit of population control, the pradoxo of not to be the savior of the world. I am passionate about Italy and the Italian people, everyone who knows me knows of my love for so many years of culture, art and the lesson of this people for humanity, I know that they need to find their way, it is only their option, I just hope they remember of the history of Italy and the great lessons left for humanity, with its thinkers, poets, illustrious educators, teachers, academics and universities that have been so important in the elaboration of the goal of sustainable development in the United Nations.

Blog Post By: Fabrício Reis Amador

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