Saturday, 4 March 2017

Tips for Men and Women to Dress Properly at Office

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The way you look at your office or work plays a very significant in your success at present modern time. Besides, formals in workplace casuals are also becoming increasing popular. Hence, here we are giving you some important tips for men and women to dress in a correct manner at office or workplace.

# Tips for both Men and Women:

men and women

-You should make sure that your clothes are fit because if your clothes will be small or too big on your body then it will not look good at all. So make sure that your tie has a proper length and your clothes are perfectly ironed.

-You should understand properly that what type of office wear will be suit in your industry. If your company has any dress code then you should follow it.

-Wear eyeglasses that are well fit on your face, they should not be sliding down your nose. It looks weird if you wear loose eyeglasses in your workplace.

-Do not use strong perfume as anything that smell strong is not always good. So, use light smell perfume so that no one get irritated with it.

-One of the most notices accessory in office is your watch. So you should pay some attention while shopping for the watch which you want to wear in your office. Moreover, your watch should not be multicolored and should be in matching with your professional outfit.

-Make sure that your shoes are polished in good manner. Many times recruiters also notices your footwear and see that whether they are polished or not. So make sure that your footwear is in good condition.

-Strictly avoid wearing neon colours as well as overly flashy clothes. Both men and women should be careful with bright colours. Professional outfits that are too flashy can be disturbing and the visual equal of shouting.

# For Men:
For Men

-You should wear right length socks and avoid ankle socks with slacks. When you sit and your pant lifts up than no skin should be visible, if it does then it will gave your bad impression in office.

-Always be sure to trim your beard and keep your facial hairs tidy for maintaining a professional look. You can use electric razors for trimming your beard in a nice way.

-You should decide your hair cut according to the shape of your face. Let be it professional otherwise it will not look good if you have spiky haircut and go to the office.

# For Women:

For Women

- Accessories are meant for complimenting your outfit. But you should never wear lots of accessories as it looks not good when you are in your workplace.

-If you wear a pant or skirt and your toes are visible, then you should definitely get the pedicure done at regular intervals. Additionally, your toes should be well groomed as it gives your good impression in the office.

-You should avoid wearing the clothes that expose your body. It can gives your inaccurate impression if your clothes are with the plunging necklines, exposed under garments, very high heels and many more. 

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