Tuesday, 4 April 2017

8 Interesting Things to Know About Coffee


You will be amazed to know that the approximately 83% people of America consume coffee o the daily basis. With such huge popularity the various surveys shows that the coffee is amongst the 2nd most sold product and there is now doubt that the coffee is loved by all. So, here we are going to tell you about the 8 interesting things about coffee. These are as following: 

1. The coffee was invented by goat in the 9th century who was named as the Kaldi. The goat herder on day found that his goats were doing some unusual activities after eating some cherries from a tree of coffee. This story was interesting but according to the written data in actual it was invented in the 16th century.

2. You will be happy to know that the coffee really produced from the bush or a tree that was used for developing the cherry fruits. In real, the coffee beans are there inside this cherry. These cherries are very tasty and if the coffee beans have not gained so much popularity worldwide then anybody might have not been noticed that those cherries in grocery stores.

coffee beans

3. There is also an opposing statement about coffee that lightly roasted coffee contains more caffeine in contrast to dark roasts. The main reason behind this is that when the coffee beans are roasted for a long time then in natural way the more quantity of caffeine is cooked out of them.

4. You will be amazed to know that the there are more than 50 varieties of the coffee that are produced all over the world. For the commercial use, there are only 2 types put of this huge collection of coffee which are named as Arabica and Robusta.

5. In three varied cultures, the coffee has been declared as the illegal 3 times till now. At first the ban was announced at the 16th century at Mecca. The second ban was announced in the Europe. After some years, the year 1677 the third ban was announced in Germany for illegal use of coffee; though it is still used and is very popular amongst the coffee lovers all over the world.

6. The interesting that you should know about coffee is that it can assist you in preventing the dementia, alzheimer and many doctors also use to prefer its usage to the patients.

7. The people who are looking to lose their weight may be happy to know that coffee is able sufficient for boosting rate of metabolism in human body and hence will lead to the process of natural weight loss.

8. According to the various researches by many scientists, it is supposed that coffee contains approximately 6 % of the Pantothenic acid, 11 % of Riboflavin, about 3 % of potassium and manganese with the 2 % of niacin. In addition to this, all of these are very helpful for body for keeping it active as well as healthy.

Besides this, if you love coffee that you must surely search for the Black Ivory coffee and enjoy its taste. Moreover, it is usually sold with a price tag of $50 per cup.

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